The best 5 restaurants in Albufeira

The best 5 restaurants in Albufeira

Albufeira is one of the most prominent tourist destinations on the sunny coast of the Algarve in southern Portugal. Today we talk about the best 5 restaurants in Albufeira.

The Portuguese cuisine, particularly that of the south, preserves the cultural influences of both the Mediterranean cuisine and the Oriental one, since the Moorish medieval rule left its most important mark in this region. Among local specialties, poultry and lamb hold a special place, along with fish and seafood. But where can we sample it?

1. Restaurante Dom Carlos is a romantic and elegant venue, an excellent place for a candlelight dinner for two. The owners have created a personal experience, a restaurant that seems more home than a mere business and the atmosphere combines elegance with the Portuguese traditional simplicity and honesty. Expect to pay over 100 EUR for two dishes, but bear in mind that the place is worth it.

2. In the center of town, O Marinheiro (or The Mariner) provides a pleasant dining experience in a modern venue. The menu features a wide variety of Mediterranean dishes, from poultry to seafood and vegetables. It’s an excellent place for families, since the place features a playground and a terrace.

3. When asked where to have a pleasant, traditional meal, the locals will name Os Arcos, their favorite place to savor a delicious selection of regional dishes. Plus the setting is extremely scenic!

4. Restaurante O Manjar serves excellent food at accessible prices. The place prides itself for making the best stake in Albufeira.

5. And if you want to enjoy a special night out in the sophisticated rhythms of Jazz music, choose the Johnny Hooper’s Saxophone Bistro. This is a family business, where you’ll be entertained by Johnny the saxophonist and served the delicious food prepared by his wife, Sue.


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