5 Quick facts about Albufeira

5 Quick facts about Albufeira

The Algarve region, the beautiful littoral part of Portugal, boasts with some amazing gems. Today we speak about one of them as we try to unravel 5 Quick facts about Albufeira.

In short, Albufeira is one of the most popular resorts in the country, beloved for its long coast with sandy beaches and dramatic cliffs emerging from the azure waters, for its interesting architecture and gastronomy (proof of its rich history that saw the clash of the European and the Moorish cultures), for the golf facilities and for the developed infrastructure. But here are a few more concrete facts:

1. Beaches are perhaps the main attraction in Albufeira. Praia dos Pescadores (which translates into “The Fishermen’s Beach”) is one of the most popular of them, hosting logistics for water sports, as well as restaurants, cafes and many boutiques selling souvenirs. The atmosphere is friendly by day and electric by night, when the town comes to life.

2. As Lisbon and most of Portugal, Albufeira was severely affected by the great 1755 earthquake, which destroyed most of it. Only after the 19th century did Albufeira reemerge industrially.

3. As for tourism in Albufeira, it was practically in-existent until 1960. That is when Europeans started to consider the little town with its beautiful town center as a littoral attraction. Today, it is one of the most popular resorts.

4. Albufeira used to be a small fishing village. The Romans came here and developed the infrastructure, trade and economic activities. Later on, the Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Greeks continued to develop the city and brought in money and… salt, surprisingly enough.

5. There are quite a few transport options in town. Apart from rail and seafaring, you have the more “down-to-earth” options of renting a car in Albufeira and particularly that of going online to book an Albufeira airport transfer, which will definitely prove very useful and stress-less, especially if you are visiting this gorgeous town for the first time.


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